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Global Knowledge Portal

The Vanguard Global Knowledge Portal makes it possible for you to find solutions to typical business problems and to share your best practices with users worldwide. Use of this portal is free and is available to everyone. You do not need any special software.

This library is an organized collection of components built by users with specific knowledge about how to solve a business or technical problem. These users capture their knowledge in the form of an active component which is both machine- and human-readable. This architecture allows you to link together components to perform a high-level operation that no single component performs. Also, because the components are presented in a completely transparent form, it is possible to understand the details of the knowledge captured in a component and make improvements.

To find a solution, search the library using the phrase search utility or by browsing the component hierarchy.

All components published in this library are made available under the GNU General Public License. See Terms of Use for details.

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